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Product Care 101

Posted by Lena Binney on 10/1/2014 to Deerskin Moccasins For Men
We know moccasins quickly become our favorite go-to shoe. The downside of being our go-to shoe? They get a lot dirtier quicker than our other shoes. So what is the best way to clean our favorite shoes? I'm glad you asked! This post will break down the best way to clean your moccasins, depending on what material they are.

Minnetonka Moccasins Black Tropez Sandal

Posted by Lena Binney on 7/1/2014 to Minnetonka Sandals
So just like every lady needs that perfect little black dress, every lady ALSO needs that perfect pair of black sandals that will go with any of the adorable summer outfits you have picked out for this summer. Well, look no further! We have the perfect sandal for you - The Minnetonka Moccasins Black Tropez Sandal will keep you comfortable and stylish all season long!

Minnetonka Moccasin Ibiza Sandal

Posted by Lena Binney on 4/30/2014 to Minnetonka Sandals
Minnetonka Moccasin Ibiza Sandal
Oh, how I love sandals! I’m so excited to share this next piece of footwear with you. It’s the PERFECT sandal for almost any occasion – dress it up with a cute sundress, dress it down with some shorts – the possibilities are endless!

Minnetonka Womens Melrose Nicki Wedge Sandal

Posted by Lena Binney on 3/1/2014 to Minnetonka Sandals
Summer is on its way, and fringe is one of the hottest trends this year! Step out in style in this Minnetonka Womens Melrose Nicki Wedge Sandal.  

Removing Water Stains From Suede Moccasins

Posted by Lena Binney on 12/5/2013 to Minnetonka Sandals
Moccasins are comfortable, attractive shoes that go well with a variety of outfits. Their suede body makes these shoes very soft; however, it is porous and absorbs stains and moisture quickly. Do not let a damp day or a spilled glass of water ruin your shoes. Properly clean your moccasins to ensure their life for years to come.

Get Resort Ready With The Ibiza Sandal From Minnetonka®

Posted by Lena Binney on 7/26/2013 to Minnetonka Sandals
Enhance your fair-weather look with this beachy beauty from Minnetonka, the Ibiza Passport sandal. This black leather thong sandal with decorative turquoise and bronze beaded band around the ankle, has a stitched chevron design down the vamp. In leather, this flat-heeled offering boasts a thong toe and a zipper-accessed ankle strap for a secure fit and easy walking. A beaded collar lends a Bohemian flair, while a rubber sole promises good grip wherever you seek the sun in Minnetonka.