We know moccasins quickly become our favorite go-to shoe. The downside of being our go-to shoe? They get a lot dirtier quicker than our other shoes. So what is the best way to clean our favorite shoes? I'm glad you asked! This post will break down the best way to clean your moccasins, depending on what material they are.

There are typically 5 different materials that moccasins are made from: suede, cowhide, moose hide, deerskin and sheepskin. Knowing what your moccasins are made of is the first step in cleaning them correctly.


Leather moccasins are made from cowhide, moose hide or deerskin, and should only be cleaned and/or treated with products specifically made for leather shoes. Follow the directions on the product for the best results. After they have been cleaned, let your moccasins sit for a few minutes and then shine with a soft cotton cloth.

The best way to help your moccasins age well is to treat them regularly with a quality leather shoe conditioner. A side note: your moccasins will absorb a natural conditioner easier than a synthetic one.


I highly recommend waterproofing your suede moccasins, as this will make your life so much easier should you ever spill anything on them. Most spills should be treatable with a damp towel. If they need a deeper cleaning, a suede cleaning kit should be used, which contains a suede eraser and small brush, Use the eraser on the stain first, then apply the brush as directed.

If your moccasins have not been waterproofed and they get wet, use a clean towel to remove the moisture. Do not use a hair dryer or heater. Once they are dry restore the nap with a suede brush. Side note: A nail file or suede brush will remove mud or scuff marks.


Again, I highly recommend waterproofing your sheepskin moccasins. You will thank me for this tip.. I promise. :) Use a soft damp cloth to clean the outer portion of your moccasins. You can use a suede eraser for any scuff marks or dirt. If your moccasins do need to be washed, hand wash them in lukewarm water and a non-enzyme liquid soap made specifically for leather products. Let your mocs dry naturally after washing, using a towel only to soak up excess moisture.

I hope this post helped you understand the best way to keep your favorite moccasins around for a long time!

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John Newmann

Date 11/2/2015

Is heat the only thing to watch out for with moccasins? Also when say to water proof moccasins is when type of waterproofing better than another or is one as good as the other? Personal comment there are some cool videos on youtube as for how to tie moccasins!!! However I find that I have to pause the video at certain points to learn how to tie my moccasins!!!

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