Moccasins are comfortable, attractive shoes that go well with a variety of outfits. Their suede body makes these shoes very soft; however, it is porous and absorbs stains and moisture quickly. Do not let a damp day or a spilled glass of water ruin your shoes. Properly clean your moccasins to ensure their life for years to come.

When your moccasins get wet, blot the liquid off immediately. Of course, some moisture is always absorbed, but the more you get, the better. Allow your moccasins to dry at room temperature before you proceed with removing water spots. As they dry, stuff the toes of the shoes with tissue paper to soak up additional liquid and preserve the shape of the shoes. 

Once dry, assess the damage. If your suede moccasins do suffer water staining, a dry pencil eraser is an effective way to erase water stains from your shoes. If this does not fully remove the water damage, grab a toothbrush and some gentle baby shampoo. Wet the toothbrush, and brush the stain. Once the stain is wet, apply some baby shampoo to the shoe. Use the toothbrush to thoroughly brush the area, then rinse the brush. Use the clean, wet brush to again clean the stain. Keep brushing with clean water until all of the shampoo is gone. Once again, blot dry as much as possible, and stuff the toes with tissue while your moccasins dry at room temperature.

For the best protection against water damage, spray your shoes with a suede protectant immediately upon their arrival. While this step does not protect against all damage, it does significantly reduce the chances of serious stains. If water stains do appear on your suede moccasins, follow these steps for the best results. Should the stain persist after these steps, it is safe to file the dry stain with an Emory board.


yolonda parker

Date 11/29/2015

Suede fringed boots...water stains are still visual

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