When it comes to shoe buying, there’s often a compromise to be made somewhere. It seems like you can have the style you want but not the comfort too. Or you might be able to find comfortable shoes somewhere, but they look like something your grandfather wore. You might find the style you like and they’re comfortable enough but they’re way too expensive. It’s a common problem, and there is a solution. This solution has been around for a long time, too. They are called moccasins.

Now you might be thinking of the scrap pieces of buffalo hyde that once shod the feet of hunters, traders, European settlers and native Americans, however there have been improvements on the design over the years, and the result is a totally comfortable, beautifully stylish and affordable shoe for all ages and sizes of shoe-wearing feet. Thanks to today’s design-consciousness consumers, moccasins have come a long way.

Moccasins are so incredibly soft and light that you’ll have to look down to see that you’re wearing shoes at all. There is no style shoe more comfortable than a well-made moccasin, and they can be purchased much more reasonably than some of their spin-offs.. Others have tried copying the top selling brands without success. There is a difference.

Moccasins now come in a much greater variety than ever. with designs and styles that outnumber most other shoe types. Thankfully now soles range from soft to rugged, depending on how you will be wearing them. There are Tramper boots, high-top boots, sheepskin pug boots, high fashion fringe boots and a variety of comfy slippers. California stylings make Minnetonka Moccasins’ timelessly beautiful traditional and contemporary designs come to life in soft suede fashion fringe boots and sandals.

Moccasins are designed with everyone in mind, and there’s certainly more than one style to suit the needs of every foot. Lamo moccasins and boots (and recently, sandals!) originated in Southern California and are made of the finest sheepskin and lined with Australian Merino sheep’s wool for the ultimate in comfort and appearance. They have a huge selection and are adding new designs to their offerings all the time.

Another dependable brand of moccasins and boots is Peace Mocs. Their styles range from fringed to non-fringed, and they come in a substantial variety of colors and designs. They are comfortable and durable...and stylishly unique!

For the lover of hearth and home, slippers always come to mind, and Old Friend women’s and men’s slippers have the right slipper for anyone. Though called “slippers,” Old Friend makes a large variety of soled styles for the most rugged of treks, anywhere you would want to go. They have some fabulous designs, several look like clogs but feel like a moccasin! There are adorable little Minnetonka moccasins for children and even infants in plenty of colors and styles, and they are functional, in that they really keep tiny feet warm and protected.

It’s time to revisit an old favorite... Moccasins... for today, for tomorrow, timelessly forever!

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