Society has given women the mindset that it is more important to be fashionable than comfortable, and this is especially true when it comes to shoes. Ditch this mindset; it is possible to be both on-trend and comfortable. Accomplish this task by wearing moccasins. You are not limited by your outfit choices when you wear moccasins, and they go well with long dresses.

When pairing your moccasins with a long dress, keep the print of your dress in mind. If you are wearing a solid-colored dress, you have the ability to be a little more adventurous with your moccasins. For a solid dress, wear moccasins with embellishments on the toe or with a pattern on the upper part of the toe. If you have a patterned dress, stick with solid moccasins for the best impact.

When selecting which moccasins to wear, think about the color that goes well with your dress. Since your dress is long, they are not constantly exposed; however, it is still important that they match. Moccasins are available in shades of brown and gray, black, white and even more nontraditional colors such as red. Select the hue that complements your look, and keep in mind that you rarely go wrong with brown or black.

Finally, you must consider the length of your dress when choosing which moccasins to wear. While nearly all moccasins are somewhat flat, some have a little bit of a raised heel. If your dress is super long, any extra height you can get helps. On the other hand, if your dress hits just at your ankles or the top of your feet, selecting the totally flat moccasins is acceptable.

Moccasins are not just for native Americans. They are extremely versatile and comfortable shoes that complement many outfits. Even when you are wearing a long dress, it is vital that you select moccasins that match and enhance your outfit. No matter if you choose ankle moccasins or regular moccasins, your feet are sure to thank you.


Pat Taylor

Date 1/3/2014

memory lessens, but walking on mocs sounds like a winner!

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