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Tips for Pairing Moccasins With Long Dresses

Posted by Lena Binney on 12/6/2013
Society has given women the mindset that it is more important to be fashionable than comfortable, and this is especially true when it comes to shoes. Ditch this mindset; it is possible to be both on-trend and comfortable. Accomplish this task by wearing moccasins. You are not limited by your outfit choices when you wear moccasins, and they go well with long dresses.

Removing Water Stains From Suede Moccasins

Posted by Lena Binney on 12/5/2013 to Minnetonka Sandals
Moccasins are comfortable, attractive shoes that go well with a variety of outfits. Their suede body makes these shoes very soft; however, it is porous and absorbs stains and moisture quickly. Do not let a damp day or a spilled glass of water ruin your shoes. Properly clean your moccasins to ensure their life for years to come.

A Seasonal Wardrobe Staple – the Mukluk Low Boot From Minnetonka®

Posted by Lena Binney on 12/3/2013 to Moccasins For Women
Originally created for wear in the Arctic regions, the Mukluk was designed for warmth. Our Mukluk showcases faux fur and classic moccasin bead work to carry you through the winter months warm and in style. The fit is great, with good traction in snow and on ice.

Get Campus Comfy With Women’s El Paso Ankle Boot From Minnetonka®

Posted by Lena Binney on 12/3/2013 to Moccasins For Women
America's Southwestern region inspires the stylish El Paso collection. Show off your southwestern cool in this casual ankle boot that features soft, supple suede, a padded cushion insole, and a sporty rubber sole. Tribal-weave panels flank a comfy ankle boot with slim laces.