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Spice Up Your Winter Outfit with Lamo Womens Tongva Spirit Boots

Posted by Lena Binney on 2/27/2014 to Moccasins For Women
While spring is on the way, there is no denying that Old Man Winter is still rearing his head. So why not take advantage of the weather and sport some super cute and comfortable boots? We have just the boot for you!

Minnetonka Infant Braid Bootie

Posted by Lena Binney on 2/3/2014 to Minnetonka Moccasins for Infants
Dress up your little one with this comfy and durable "moccasin soul" for little feet. Genuine Minnetonka style, soft rich suede natural leathers - easy to wear and tailored for toddlers. An accent of stylish design adds so much character to this little bootie.

Minnetonka Unisex Western-Style Buffalo Nickel Hat

Posted by Lena Binney on 2/2/2014 to Minnetonka and BC Hats
Saddle up! Whether you're a true cowboy or a city girl with a dream, the unisex Minnetonka 9513 Brown Ruff Leather Buffalo Nickel Distressed Hat will make you feel like you're riding out into the open range.