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Step Out in Earthy Chic Style with the Minnetonka El Paso Boot

Posted by Lena Binney on 8/30/2013 to Moccasins For Women
Step out in earthy chic style in this charming boot from Minnetonka. The embroidered fabric panel adds the perfect detail to complement the rustic moccasin style. A flexible and grippy sole perfects this look with confidence and comfort.

The Perfect Shoe

Posted by Lena Binney on 8/29/2013 to Deerskin Moccasins For Men
When it comes to shoe buying, there’s often a compromise to be made somewhere. It seems like you can have the style you want but not the comfort too. Or you might be able to find comfortable shoes somewhere, but they look like something your grandfather wore. You might find the style you like and they’re comfortable enough but they’re way too expensive. It’s a common problem, and there is a solution. This solution has been around for a long time, too. They are called moccasins.

Minnetonka Over-the-Knee Fringe Boot

Posted by Lena Binney on 8/25/2013 to Suede Fringe Boots for Women
Introducing the Over-the-Knee Fringe Boot, a new Minnetonka style to love this fall. Feeling classic? Or edgy? The suede fringe boot covers all your bases with a foldover cuff that flips up to create an over- the-knee silhouette.