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Everyone knows that moccasins are the most comfortable footwear in the world. This is not even up for debate. Moccasins have been around for hundreds of year, with most traditional histories crediting the native Americans for their invention. The term Moccasin literally comes from the Powhatan language used by the Algonquin Indians, where it was called Makasin, which quite literally meant "shoe." They came in a wide range of styles, based on the needs of the people wearing them. If the wearer lived in an area with rocky ground or other treacherous terrain, the soles were usually hard, made from layered and cured animal hide. For the people who lived in sandier or forested environments, the soles were softer, both for comfort and for stealth.

Like most of our clothing, and perhaps even more so, moccasins became an outlet for expressing our own individual style. Colorful beads were woven into the material, and tassles added. We created moccasins that were worn for daily activities and other moccasins for ceremonial use. We created moccasins that came up over our ankles, and moccasins that were fastened by laces or clasps. What was once the ultimate in simplistic apparel expanded into a truly American art form.

Throughout our history, moccasins have been worn by people who enjoyed the casual comfort of the soft leather footwear, but it was only within the past 30-40 years that our society really changed its perspective on this style of shoe. No longer are moccasins just a casual piece of clothing. Moccasins are now worn with more dressy wardrobes, by both men and women. Gone is the wrongfully applied stigma of moccasins just being casual footwear. Now they are simply known as cool and stylish, and perfect for virtually any activity you want to wear them for. The 21st Century is officially the Age of the Moccasin, and our feet have never been happier!

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